Hopestream Healthcare Ltd is an integrated health services company whose vision is “a healthy life for all people in Uganda”.

We are a team of experienced persons working with individuals, communities and colleagues to develop and implement solutions to health challenges existing in our society.

Providing medical care to patients, counseling our clients, providing customized health care to schools and organizations, educating the masses on health issues using different platforms, health camping and conducting medical outreaches, training the population in health and safety skills.

We work passionately to achieve a healthy life for all people in Uganda through provision of innovative, affordable and quality health services and products.

We connect with skilled persons from the healthcare fraternity in Uganda to deliver the best health outcomes. We design, develop and provide services and products that can enable us deliver quality health care to our people at an affordable cost.

We are Hopestream healthcare ….delivering health care with a passion.

Our vision:

“Healthy lives  for all people in Uganda”

Our mission:

To promote the health of the people in Uganda through designing, developing and  provision of innovative, affordable and quality health services and Products.

What we do

We Provide a range of services as indicated below. Contacts us through the contact at bottom of the page to get more details

We provide affordable healthcare to low and medium income people in Uganda. We offer health services to people organized in groups like schools, industrial companies and Organizations.

We market and deal in the supply of medical and pharmaceutical products e.g. medical laboratory equipment, medicines, medical consumables etc.

We create, design and develop appropriate and engaging health communication messages; share such information with the public with the ultimate goal of promoting health, preventing illnesses and influencing healthy lifestyles in our communities.