Medical Services


We provide managed medical services to companies, industrial institutions and people organized in groups on contract basis e.g. schools, industrial companies, security companies and orphanages etc.

The services are provided through an outreach model or through our verified medical partners.


We also arrange and provide medical outreach services in any community in Uganda. In order to provide a sustainable healthcare service, we work with local and foreign organizations who would like to carry out medical camps in Uganda. We plan to run a regular bi-annual medical outreach camp that periodically rotates in all regions in Uganda

Our services range from community mobilization and engagement, team selection, publicity and media awareness programmes, medical logistics including camp tents, medicines and equipment etc. We are capable of moving to any location in Uganda however remote it would be..

We provide these services on sponsorship basis or on a subsidized care model. Hire us today and experience the best medical outreach service.

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